...Prayers for encouragement for all of us.
...For Margaret Whitson (scott's mom) recovering from a broekn thigh & the subsequent surgery
...David Galbraith has started back on chemo and recovery
...Dan Renwick for his health and recovery
...For Debbie Hruby facing kidney failure
...Mike Lindo, Liz Turley, Bob and Sharron Scott, Janet Lindo,  Mark Shafer, Ray Shafer, Mark Shafer, Vonnie Gray, Jim Work, Betty Sterett, Wilma Sloan and Scott Whitson for strength, health and peace of mind
...For those battling cancer: Toni Mudd, Kim Johs, Rev . Melisa Bracht-Wagner, Leola Ulrich
Monthly meetings 
1st Sunday of the month, Deacons                         3rd Sunday of the month, Session                           Committees to join 

      The Church Staff
  Head of the Church Jesus Christ
         Pastor         Kathie Whitson
         Treasurer    Connie Hill
         Secretary    Sara Hull
         Organist      Marilyn Simmons
         Custodian    Craig Rima
United Presbyterian Church of Biggsville 101 West Adams St.
P.O. Box 189
Phone 309-627-2091
E-Mail: Biggsvillepresb@frontier.com Website:  biggsville-upc.org             

Pastor Kathie Whitson
Cell Phone - 309-255-4193
Email - kathiewhitson_16.3@aol.com
FB - Kathie E. Whitson

Office Hours:
* Monday * Friday * Saturday

Pastoral Visits:
       *All day Tuesdays
       *Friday afternoons
Appointments available, call her cell phone

   WELCOME EVERYONE                                         Thank you for sharing in worship with us today.

Old friends, new friends and first-time visitors are all love by God and are welcome here with open arms

To our first time visitors, here are some helpful things to know:
* The bathrooms are downstairs at the back (west) side of the fellowship hall.
* Children are very welcome to stay here with us as part of the family.  There are fun bags available for them to use during the service, just ask an usher.
* Sunday School for anyone 12 & up meets in the South Room at 9:00 a.m.
* Sunday School for children begins at 9:30 am.
* Pastor Kathie is available to visit and answer questions.  Call or text her at 309-255-4193

Who you gonna call...
For pastoral visits and general church information call Pastor Kathie, cell phone 309-255-4193 or at the church 309-627-2091

For building issues or access to the church call Craig Rima at 309-221-4222

To add something to the bulletin call Sara Hull at 209-337-0585 or email her at sjh_84@hotmail.com
*The devotional These Days is available in the back of the sanctuary.  Large print copies are available.
*Mildred Anderson recycles cans for her Widow's Mite project.  Please place the cans in the collection bin located at the south ramp entrance.  Please, no beer cans.  All proceeds are given to the church. 
Prayers of the People
*Pastor Kathie's YouTube page KathieCrazyCatLady  Sunday Services - these will also be posted onto the Facebook page.
*Our website http://www.biggsville-upc.org - with calendar and announcements
*Our facebook page - Biggsville UPC - with pictues, videos and enouragement

                                      Come Join the
Shepherd's Circle Chat
                          Lets get together and visit a spell, 
                              catch up with each other and
                      see how we are all coping with cabin fever.
           Thursday afternoon at 4:30 pm
                            using Zoom video conference link. 
            Invitation will be sent to everyone that has an email
                            address on file with the church.

The every -3- year life inspection happened in the second half of May.  A bill for the inspection has been received for $675.00 Offerings to help offset this cost are welcome. 
...For Steve & Mary Graham and the recent death of Lloyd Little their son-in-law, for their daughter Jody
Thank you for your continued offerings!
came May 26th