Biggsville is only ten miles from the Mississippi River where pleasure boating is a favorite pastime of many.  Within a 20 mile radius are several other attractions including parks, historical Nauvoo, a reconstructed mid -1800's historical Fort Madison, an annual Old Thresher's Reunion and three different civic concert programs, plus other attractions.
The school originally opened as a high school only with the combining of Gladstone and Oquawka (G&O) and Biggsville High School.  The first class to graduate from Union was in 1961.  The elementary wing was added  and opened for the school year of 1992-1993.  Since that time the schools from the Southern School District and the Union District 115 has combined to form District 235.  2005-2006 was the first school year for this merger.   West Central is now the educational center of Henderson County. 

Henderson County is a beautiful, safe county in which to live.  Some of our attractions include the Gladstone Lake Conservation Area, Big River State Forest (Lincoln marched through here during the Black Hawk War.), Delabar State Park, Lock and Dam Number 18, Lincoln Historical Marker and three structures on the National Register of Historic Places including the Gladstone (Allaman) Covered Bridge.   
Biggsville is the home of the Henderson County Library which moved to its new location just south of town in 2000.
The original covered bridge was build in 1866.  It was destroyed by a flood in 1982.  The structure was rebuilt using the original templates and timbers recovered from the flood waters. Dedication took place in 1984 after the reconstruction. 
Monmouth College in Monmouth Illinois was formed in 1853, by the members of the South Henderson Church, lead by Reverend Robert Ross.  Today Monmouth College is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.
South Henderson Church is the forerunner to the Biggsville United Presbyterian Church.  It was formed on July 4, 1835 with 59 members.  While South Henderson has not been active since 1945 annual services are held here to celebrate our heritage. 
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